An oily substance of a light yellow colour and characteristic pleasant scent – what does it conceal? Why is an oil extracted from a small yellow plant so excellent in hair care? Why is evening primrose oil so phenomenal?

The most valuable part of evening primrose is hidden in its small and hard seeds. The oil extracted from these seeds contains a huge amount of essential fatty acids which are ideal for very dry and damaged hair. If you are looking for a remedy for your weak, frizzy, brittle, dull and falling out hair – reach out for evening primrose oil.

It contains more or less 70% of linoleic acid (LA) and 10% of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It is a very high density of omega-6 fatty acids.

These acids are made of large particles which are ideal for damaged hair with highly raised cuticles. Evening primrose oil fixes all damages that have appeared on hair surface. What is more, it protects from further damage, pulling, strong sun, UV radiation, hot airflow of a dryer, toxins… The list can be endless. Think about all the harmful things that can happen to your hair – mechanical damage, choice of improper hair products, poor weather conditions. You can breathe easily – evening primrose oil is going to protect your strands against any danger.

The oil is also perfect for women who often dye or bleach their hair. Such strands are dry, dull and rough. Ammonia, included in hair dyes, is one of the least “hair-friendly” substances. In order to protect and regenerate colour-treated hair, go for evening primrose oil. It will provide repair and prevent hair from losing vitality, bounce, shine and colour.

The complex of vitamins in evening primrose oil will keep hair bulbs in good shape, prevent hair loss and even boost its growth.

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