Evening primrose oil in moisturising treatment with John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment

John Masters Organics is a brand behind luxurious conditioning cosmetics, that lately decided to use evening primrose oil in its cosmetics. Should they complement luxurious moisturising treatment with oil obtained from such a common plant? No doubt, it is going to be a huge success! Let’s see how John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment works.

It costs quite a lot. For the hydrating treatment with John Masters Organics with evening primrose oil you will pay the equivalence of 2-3 movie tickets. That’s a lot, especially when we take into consideration that this product has only 15 ml. Nonetheless, small bottle made of dark glass holds the power of natural ingredients, that take care of dry and weak hair. For this, it is worth to spend some more money.

John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment is an oil, that contains:

  • natural evening primrose oil,
  • universal jojoba oil,
  • olive oil,
  • regenerating linseed oil,
  • essential oils: lavender, rosemary, cedar.

The combination of olive oil, jojoba oil and linseed oil with evening primrose oil is a true success. All these ingredients are highly moisturising and regenerate all damages in the hair structure. For regulation of hydration level are responsible jojoba oil and evening primrose oil. Lavender inhibits ageing processes in hair, cedarwood has anti-dandruff action and rosemary stimulates hair growth.

Evening primrose oil has a special role here. This is the one oil with all-purpose properties. This inconspicuous plant holds intense moisturising properties, supports hair growth and eliminates problem of excess hair loss. Evening primrose oil is best for hair care of damaged and dry hair.

John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment has two important qualities, worth mentioning:

1) Evening primrose oil and other oils are the only ingredients in this product. This means that the moisturising treatment with John Masters is entirely natural and contains no artificial substances, like preservatives. This is why, this oil in bottle made of dark glass limits exposure to the light.

2) Moisturising treatment by John Masters Organics can be used three possible ways. As a product for easier combing on wet or dry hair. As a regenerating and protective treatment for damaged hair ends. But also as an addition for other cosmetics to intensify their action.