What’s new? Evening primrose oil with conditioning properties

Prevents acne, eczema, skin dryness. Perfectly improves skin, nails and hair condition. Best is the cold pressed and unrefined, because then it preserves its nourishing properties. The valued in cosmetology emollient we talk about is evening primrose oil. Meet properties of this meadow plant.

No one has ever assumed that such effective product can be so easily available. Just take a walk on the meadow and search for this common plant with beautiful, yellow flowers and small, green leaves. It has up to 100-120 cm, and its diversity is hidden in tiny, hard seeds. These are the one used to obtain the evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose oil consists of plenty essential fatty acids. Their values are much higher than for other hair and body oils. What fatty acids will you find in evening primrose oil? Mostly linoleic, though in details it presents as follows:

1.8% stearic acid (saturated),
2.0% α-linolenic acid, omega-3 (polyunsaturated),
5.4% oleic acid, omega-9 (monounsaturated),
6.2% palmitic acid (saturated),
75% linoleic acid, omega-6 (polyunsaturated).

The analysis of fatty acids content in evening primrose oil is really simple. It provides wider view into the oil’s properties and possibilities of its use. There are plenty of questions that can be answered. For instance, for what hair type is evening primrose best?

The answer is simple. Due to 3/4 of oil being linoleic acid, i.e. polyunsaturated, evening primrose oil is just perfect for high porosity hair. The size of its particles matches the size of raised hair cuticles. This makes, evening primrose oil capable of sealing the outer hair layer, which was weakened by open cuticles. However, these are not the only properties of evening primrose oil, because it can also:

  • calm irritations and skin symptoms of allergy,
  • stimulate hair growth process,
  • inhibit hair loss and prevent baldness,
  • increase elasticity and smoother,
  • heal eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Natural evening primrose oil is an excellent solution for people with dyed or damaged hair, which underwent permanent wave treatment, but also people using hair dryer, straightener or heavy cosmetics.